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wine label, flyer design

Flyers, business cards and brochures are important building blocks of marketing

The packaging is the face of the brand.

This is why we think that what we create is more than a box or a label or a logo. This includes, but is not limited to, the wine label.

  • Packaging design

    The packaging of the product is extremely important, as in many cases this is the deciding factor in the moments before purchase. We strive to design packaging that captures the eye, in addition, they are strategically relevant, fresh and attractive.
    We have two tasks in this area: firstly, we have to sell that product.
    On the other hand, we need to create something that contributes to the development of a brand personality, quite interesting, attractive and lovable to be not only customers but also fans of a given brand.

  • Publication design

    This can be annual reports, product catalogs, company information brochures, brand magazines. With a sufficiently effective appearance, these tools are not only able to increase sales or investment appetite, but also affect the perception of the company and the brand.
    No two publications are the same. Each publication demands a different attitude, and this diversity cries out for a versatile agency.

  • Preparation of presentations, planning and implementation of PPTs

    A demanding, good presentation uses understandable, concise, well-articulated, interesting and spectacular elements for display. We also have extensive experience in creating PowerPoint and Flash presentations. We are also able to perform Flash animation or complex Flash programming.