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The OchreGray cooperation started activities at 2013 in Hungary seat Kecskemet. Since nowadays the software development is without boundaries and limits, so not stationary. So as we can see the people can be able to connect a wide variety of information technology. Already Sandor Kovacs created the first software product called K Database Magic in 2002, which enjoys a large of fans, is still unabated. Development of applications also participated international experts in the field of usability and design. They helped me with the essential features to extend and increase the usability of the application as well. Of course, we were involved groups in the development work to create applications that are customized to users and meet the needs of customers.

The Team

Sandor Kovacs
In 1989 I got into college, named GAMF. I had written my degree work about trade in computer technic and barcode systems. I had taken second graduate in BGF (Business Collage) European Union economic expert. I am software engineer with 15+ years of experience. Working with a team in a challenging environment to build high class software solutions is a goal. I have a broad range of experience from work in several major corporations in Hungary Kecskemet and Budapest cities.

Ildiko Bartek (Well Living Studio Ltd, Gedeontrade Ltd)
interpreter, translator, Sprachmittler, trader
To speak and write well in english and german language professional with 10+ years of experience. +36 30 7323613

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