:: 02.02.2018 - OG Database Magic innovation
Several bugs fixed. Sometimes SQL tool window is gone to bad. You could open more (cloud table) tables next to fixed bugs, fast SQL editing and executing. We have also added a number of past times data "forms": between them Btrieve, Clipper, Clarion. Cloud-based databases are start from MySQL, including Oracle9i and for example to MsSQL.

:: 31.03.2016 - OG mail master development gained new momentum
Several bugs fixed. In addition, a brand new function has been added to the Mail Master program. A marketing function has been installed, which is come in our dreams. Marketing mail can be made in it. You can define the recipients, attachments and other fields in the grid, which can refer to a body part. It's a fantastic feature, which can utilize the existing webmasters and marketers well.

:: 30.01.2016 - OG Backup and Restore innovation
Here is the 2.2.7 version. Fixed several minor bugs. In addition, we speed up the preparation of the compressed file. Especially when creating the larger directory structure, it is experienced significant acceleration.

:: 23.12.2015 - OG Backup and Restore functions have been expanded
We are already at version 2.2.3. In Back-up window over the backup session grid click mouse right button and new features are displayed. You can view selected session log, delay session one day, start a new full backup or rollback session to specified date.

:: 20.11.2015 - OG Backup and Restore is faster
The backup function is much faster because data records is loaded to memory due to the search index / seeking in the version 1.2.0 of OG Backup and Restore. The errors published on 10.11.2015 was repaired. At present, the restore function speeding is the purpose.

:: 10.11.2015 - Repair OG Backup and Restore bugs
We rapair a number of bugs in the OG Backup and Restore product. The memory management was very poor, the current version is now works properly. However, the number of directories and files exceeds 100.000, then the software will show a substantial slowdown (1GB RAM, 1,7GHz dual-core). Also the restoring time is extended. If you use the restoring window, after a backup function indicates the file structure comparison error. These two errors are underway to correct.

:: 10.06.2015 - Released OG Backup and Restore product
We can be one or more folders to create backups and restore any day of the year by using extremely simple.

:: 07.06.2014 - OchreGray continuously renew Xls2mySQL product
Please note that Xls2mySQL has not only read Microsoft files into it, also manage OpenOffice and LibreOffice files, too. You should get a clue ...

:: 10.03.2014 - OchreGray's new website
Welcome everyone to the new website. We collected the softwares in one place, formed the new design, which are going to show up on products. It's characterised us the harmonization of ochre and gray colors.

:: 31.01.2010 - New .icl icon library
Added to new 32 bit icon library to program folder instead of 16 bit .icl files.

:: 10.04.2008 - MMM 1.0 freeware e-mail utility
MMM 1.0 freeware e-mail utility. Comments, suggestions, bug reports are all welcome

:: 02.01.2008 - English help
I made english help file beside the hungarian help. You could download it in CHM format the hungarian and english file too.

:: 01.09.2007 - From today the program is FREEWARE
I make up one`s mind, at what I would like to spread the program in a wider circle. I ask everybody to favour the additional development only.

:: 05.10.2005 - 2.8.2 version presents

:: 08.08.2005 - 2.8.1 version presents
I develope the program difficult, because I study for an examination... But here is the new version, wherein it's included conspicuous new functions. At first I mention the SDF creator project, which crop text file (which not separated by char) to (schema) sample database structure. (I think, this application run under DOS - fox or xBase?) The another useful thing, what I need tell you: You can watch SQL and pascal syntax better to use built-in Text (+syntax highlighter) Editor. See details...

:: 18.05.2005 - Let's be my "database" member
Now you needn't pay for every single version. Only once to buy K Database Magic, after this you needn't pay prize of the program. The new versions will post automatic to you, if you ask for. See details...

:: 15.04.2005 - Any more database access
Not only DBase, Paradox and across ODBC can you open tables, but you may connect direct access DB2, INFORMIX, INTERBASE 6, MSSQL, ORACLE, SQL Server, SYBASE databases too...

:: 14.04.2005 - 1.4.7 version presents
I fixed the bugs and built in new modules to K Database Magic version. Perfectly full developed "drag and drop" event. You can drag and drop files from windows explorer and associate files like XP - "what can the windows do" question. Give the users another relief for example BDE administrator open under program, one built-in file browser as tool window, exchange source and destination datasets on project windows, etc. This is really magic. See details in download section version information...

:: 13.04.2005 - Gift BDE to everybody
Everybody download freeware BDE (Borland Database Engine) setup. See details in download section...

:: 12.04.2005 - Attention hungarian people
You get lively denotation in hungarian language and on-line help. And the user interface have been Hungarianize in version 1.4.7, to your greatest joy...

:: 05.04.2005 - Renewed the homepage
The homepage was renewed, the users are familiar with it easier...

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