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K Database Magic is a unique product. It accomodate a simple admittance to datasets like other database handling products. Firstly it doesn't concentrate maintenance of datasets, but offer up users lot of built functions never a product before. Various procedures make it one and only system, what the producter always supported and improve product.

The project started in summer of 2004 - unique by plan - what serve out the users easy to work. The product is user-friendly, everybody easy to use, edit, insert datas to datasets. Beside all of them the user save the changes to project files.

K Database Magic is a professional multifunctions database handling system. Shortly it's proud of the most important functions:

  • Data manipulation between two datasets: Help user to import & export datas with macros and functions (merge datas).
  • Compare two dataset by user specified unique fields.
  • Multiple SQL Editors Script Executing (SQL Manager): SQL edit, history of executed scripts, processing, watching.
  • Powerful data managing tools: data manipulation, create, copy, print, import & export other databases, etc.
  • Now the program supported the following database types: InterBase, Ms Access, Ms Excel, MySql(ODBC), Ms Sql, Oracle(ODBC), Foxpro, Paradox, dBase, text driver(*.csv)
  • And some other useful features:
    • Searching datas by barcode scanner
    • Viewing / Editing data in tables
    • Multiple database connections
    • Export data to four formats (Excel, clipboard, csv, xml files)
    • Design platform, customizable program preferences: set up directories, colors, fonts, icons, etc.
    • Multilanguage interface

Which is the most important functions, that you take note excellent:

1) More important task is completed making project
Can you load data tables to begin a new project, we can determine details these settings (for example open mode, filter) and save project various name, whatever you want.

2) „Data pump / merge data” equal database import, export (project)
We can easy move datas for each data table to another: unambiguous like nonprofessional users and give complicated conditions (programming) like professional users. It comes in useful to everybody.

3) Data tables content comparison (project)
We can compare two dataset to set key fields and comparing fields. Then you see the differences between tables one saved dataset.

4) Database desktop (project)
You can maintain datasets. Our jobs make it easy many features, built in functions.

5) SQL manager
We can connect immediate to databases, open tables and save settings; all that is easier, faster like a general project.

6) Print data tables / datasets
Every datasets, SQL is printed to screen, printer every time, everywhere with selected fieldnames too.

Database import, export (merge data)

Also known as data pump, This is rather easy, useful. Perhaps one of programmer's dream come true. It's end of static troubles, demanding care to create new database and move records. This problem is solved, in fact we save the project (in error case), later reloaded it and use once again.

It is realized the usual database import, export (also you can find in program), but it is bid higher to make exactly, wide functions:

In the course of between moving fields:

- to assign source field to destination field
- to assign fix value to field
- to write functions and procedures, to evaluate calculated fields (macro)
- DLL files and inside defined parameters functions to assign destination field

- We can add script written in pascal to field

We can test macro and DLL functions. We can replace characters to anothers to use various code pages, but we can also create own character sets.
These entire can we create a log file.

Database content comparison

How many times we need compare two datasets records exactly.

Two source datasets must be equal key field order!

After data comparison the changes is saved a dataset. This is a comma separated text file, what we can use up later (the program know .csv format, it can handle as data table).

Database desktop, lister

It's sure, that you have be seen database desktop, viewer applications. Well, you can find it into K Database Magic like a project.

If you choose the dataset (beside finer setting - filter, exclusive use, to open index, etc.) you can:
- search, sort, filter, replace
- zap table, undelete deleted records (dBase)
- import, export datas
- rename, delete table
- repair index

Search functions:

- ascending / descending field
- special sorting
- search and replace field value
- go to record number
- set / drop filter, add / delete selected field value to set filter

Other useful functions:

- pack table (dBase, Paradox)
- undelete deleted records (dBase, Paradox)
- remove duplicated records (dBase, Paradox) to set the key fields
- refresh indexes, if the date of index file is older than dataset
- remove index flag from dBase file
- import (clipboard, csv) and export (excel, clipboard, csv, xml) dataset also selected records

SDF text file converter

If you have such a file in datas wasn't separated fix characters and you would like to move to dataset, this project solves your problem.

Requirements are: one row number of characters must be equal to next row number of characters (rows means record separated CR/LF)!

Specify schema text file, but the best choice is schema database file, because you don't fill position values, instead of this grab dataset structure and you can copy datas immediately to dataset.

Tool windows

All of that the database work come easy with tool windows. It helps every time, everywhere to collect informations, to list , etc. But there may be still some, what serve rich functions.

Database info

Every time, everywhere can you see database informations. It display fast and practical database index; field names, size, etc.

SQL manager

We can connect immediate to databases, open tables and save settings; all that is easier, faster like a general project.

Fast report builder

Every datasets, SQL is printed to screen, printer every time, everywhere with selected fieldnames too.

Barcode selector

We can find values with barcode scanner: set it to any field. It can set field value in database insert / update mode.

Alias replacement

If you set hardly dataset properties in project windows and you like receive another project, you can do this easy. Just use this tool window...

Database browser

You can see that K Database Magic v1.4.7 has got well developed association. Use this tool window to search database files on your drives and click on it and see detail datas. (You can save your browsed directory.)

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