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Convert IP Address to Host Name

You can find the hostname of any computer with a public IP address by passing the address to any Domain Name System (DNS) server. The process of finding the IP address is achieved by searching the DNS (Domain Name Servers) until a match on the domain name is found. This process is also known as DNS lookup, NSLOOKUP or (erroneously) IP lookup

The process of finding the host name (or domain name) from an IP address involves sending a message to the IP address and requesting the computer located at that IP address to return its name.

There are some special IP addresses. is always the IP address of every computer. No matter which computer you use, it will always have an IP address of and a name of 'localhost'. In addition, a computer can have more than one IP address. In order to connect to other computers it will have an IP address that is known to other computers.

This simple tool convert the IPv4 address to the domain or host name that is associated with it. If the IP is dedicated to the domain or host, then it can see in a grid. You can also search your local network IP addresses with "IP filtering" window. No menu, no button, just a string grid and above it a pop-up menu and a statusbar.

Shortly it's proud of the most important functions:

  • - resolve host names
  • - detect your LAN IP address
  • - import and export data (clipboard, csv files)

To use BDE server and client

If you choose to download program without BDE, then you download here the BDE (5.11) program too. Thus your computer will be suitable to run other programs what access datas. By all these you can uninstall it (It don't create icon to Start menu) and you can choose server - client install as follows:

Use server mode:

Default the installer create C:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE directory and copy files to it. We can install BDE to network drive, if you change default directory name. You must map network drive on all computers using BDE (1 computer install server BDE, and others install client BDE, see below).

Download BDE "server" here.

Use client mode:

If you install BDE server to one computer, then you have to run only this executable file on other workstation. The installer program create uninstall file in Program Files\BDE directory automatic. You have to browse another folder (what you select destination directory, see above) on install.

Download BDE "client" here.

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