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server, firewall installation

Installing a professional server and firewall in your home or office is cheaper than anyone.

We undertake the construction, expansion and maintenance of a structured network.

We also undertake the construction, operation and maintenance of complete computer systems. External and internal is performed cleaning during on-site server system maintenance, checking the condition of hard disks, testing uninterruptible power supplies for the server is performed. We are able to continuously maintain workstations and networks, to intervene in case of failure by disembarking on site or with remote assistance.

  • Administrator Activities - Server NAS Operation, Firewall, Remote Assistance (Helpdesk)

    The key to your computer network is the server, which provides a long-term solution to your growing IT needs, thereby be able to manage the IT needs of all its users at once, store them and provide instant access to the use of all the data on their computers and allows simultaneous access to different services.
    Access all your company data and documents securely from anywhere, anytime! Whether anywhere in the world, whether in during your vacation, you may need an important piece of data content to establish your business success. Our installed and operated servers designed by our company serve the IT tasks of your company reliably and stably 365 days a year.
    With the help of our software, we provide a complete client-server solution, such as the Novell file server, unique in the world, not only in Hungary.

  • Central data storage

    Central storage and mirrored hard drives provide protection against hardware failures in all cases. At the same time as installing the server, all data and documents used by users, including corporate mail, are centralized on the server.
    Both your administration system and the databases it uses will be moved to the server. After the data is centralized, user privileges are assigned based on a predefined policy. In accordance with the right thus established within your company, everyone has access only to the data used and authorized by them.

  • Design and implementation of home / corporate wireless multimedia network

    With a NAS server can also be used to create a complete multimedia environment very efficiently. Here, too, we can be a great help in exchanging wireless movie, audio and image files in your home or business via tablet, TV, projector, laptop and workstations.