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web design

We create a quality web sites that you feel your dreams come true.

The branding and merger of web creation

My goal is to help the micro -and small businesses achieve their goals by supporting the creation of a uniform corporate design, development. After all, the unique, instantly recognizable visual world differentiates from your competitors, and builds trust in customers. An online presence is essential for today: I design user-friendly websites for small businesses that appear optimally on all displays, that saw, a professional look can’t just be a weapon for big multis.

Who is not mentioned on the web does not exist (says the philosophy of our time). But we also know: if our site is well structured and fits into our image, our brand message broadcast more concentrated and more. The online challenge becomes an opportunity with us, because with an image-conscious approach, we put every little detail from web typography to the shape of buttons at the service of our customers. Web design is our analysis. I also program the website also, so we do not need to involve an external partner. We also undertake the design of unique user interfaces and Android / iOS mobile apps.

What is a good website?
  • It is created for a specific purpose

    It is an important element and an integral part of marketing strategy.

  • Search engine optimized

    The visibility thanks to effective search engine optimization for the search engines provide.

  • User friendly

    Its menu system, clear view and easy navigation the user well towards his goal. Design is not a goal, but a tool in the direction of good usability, helps the user to find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

  • It has unique, valuable content

    A visitor looking for valuable information. A good website is also for Google, although websites with regularly updated and relevant content are ranked higher by search engines.

  • It reads perfectly on all displays

    Mobile communication is the future, and even the present, therefore indispensable, that the content of the website should be displayed well on tablets and mobile phones, ie be responsive.

  • It loads quickly

    In our fast-paced world, visitors don’t like to wait, if the page does not load quickly, they will go away.

  • It includes advanced features

    Efficiently and quickly delivers the visitor to their goal and at the same time fulfills the purpose for which the website was created.

  • HTTPS secure connection